At PhoenixRize we offer a suite of services to organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sector to help them achieve their diversity and inclusion objectives and meet their legal obligations.

We take a strategic approach to enact real change and deliver measurable results.


During your strategic planning, PhoenixRize can advise you on a number of fronts.

We can carry out an assessment of the current levels of diversity and inclusion in the organisation, we discuss and help set clear objectives which your organisation wants to achieve within a specific time frame and then we develop a plan with clear steps for the implementation of greater diversity and inclusion going forward.

According to Pearson’s law, that which is measured improves, and so, we encourage the monitoring of progress in your diversity and inclusion objectives and will be happy to carry out reviews on an annual basis to ensure that the organisations continues to grow and enjoy the benefits of greater diversity into the future.


PhoenixRize supports organisations throughout the public and private sectors to better understand and work more effectively with culturally diverse populations. We achieve this through custom designed workshops for businesses and organisations which help them to connect, to gain a new perspective and to embrace the diversity within their work environment.

Corporate culture is very important to staff satisfaction in their job and by embracing the values of diversity and inclusivity, you can build a stronger, happier, more productive workforce who pass their sense of satisfaction on to your customers.


Although our aim at PhoenixRize is to create an environment where all people feel heard, understood and valued, at times negative situations can escalate quickly before we’ve had a chance to nip it in the bud.

PhoenixRize can help in this situation. Using our skills in conflict resolution we can ease the current inflamed situation, allowing each side to feel heard, and when the current issue has been resolved, we can then work with you to put strategies in place to avoid similar conflicts in the future.


As a certified life and career coach, Adaku Ezeudo, works with both individuals and groups to help them set goals and plan for a future where they play a key role in society, whether that be in terms of their career, their community, or their family.

If your organisation would like to develop a programme where PhoenixRize delivers coaching or training specific to your client or staff needs, we can work with you to ensure that your strategic objectives are incorporated into our plan.


A seasoned event manager and founder of U-Fest, an inter-cultural event which celebrates diversity in Ireland, Adaku Ezeudo and her team at PhoenixRize can help plan your next event. By taking an exisiting annual event and injecting diversity aims to it you can breathe new life into your event. You will attract a wider demographic, make the event more efficient and enjoyable for all.