PhoenixRize is an Irish-based diversity and inclusion consulting practice founded by Adaku Ezeudo. Our focus is on promoting and enacting procedures which help create a more inclusive society for all across Ireland.
We work with organisations in both the public and private sector to take good intentions and turn them into real results in the area of diversity and inclusion.


There are many more reasons to welcome diversity in your work environment than simply because you have to. Yes, legislation dictates that discrimination on various grounds is not permissible in Irish society anymore. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Diversity and Inclusion can help you:
• Expand your existing customer base
• Create greater harmony and working relationships in your workplace
• Cut down on staff turn over
• Draw on new perspectives for greater innovation
• Create a strong public brand renowned for inclusion


PhoenixRize works to deliver programmes and strategies for greater diversity and inclusion to organisations in both the public and private sector throughout the country so that all individuals can actively participate in, and enjoy the benefits of, being a valued member of Irish society.